CDタイトル 発表日         収録された楽曲
Le Mans 92.02 1.Out Of Wind 2.Mirage 3.MindOperation 4.Departure 5.Tornado 6.Silent Dream


93.01.21 1.Go Up Stream 2.Take It Easy 3.Throw Back 4. After Fiver 5.Child Of Pirate 6.Night Voices 7.Ocean Express 8.Selfcontrol 9.NOIZ 10.Rainy 11.薫風
Second Dimension 94.08.03 1.Are You Gonna Win? 2.Early Morning 3.It's Up To You 4.Sea In The Moon 5.Beat #5 6.F-Blues 7.2nd Street 8.Running from Zero 9.煌星 10.This Time
94.12.16 1.Lost in a Moze 2.Fly into a Passion 3.Yellow Sunshine 4.Illusion 5.Real Box 6.6-TRIP 7.Buster 8.Going Back 9. Rendezvous


1.Flip Out 2.Se.le.ne 3.Land Breeze 4.Jungle Dancer 5.Silver Rain 6.No Reaction 7.All For One 8.Up Close 9.Lull

Fifth Dimension



1.Break Out 2.Aquarius 3.Nothing Doing! 4. Tones 5.Safety Zone 6.La・di・da Woman 7.Blue Garden 8.Aquatic Wall 9. Colors of the Rainbow 10.Autumn River

Sixth Dimension "Live!" 96.03.23

1.Are you Gonna Win? 2.Se.le.ne 3.Autumn River 4. Illusion 5.Break Out 6.This Time 7.Jungle Dancer 8.Beat #5 9.Lost in a Maze


1.Cricket Smoker 2.Double Vision 3.Grey Jazz 4. Bird Island 5.Parable
6.Parallel Words 7.Leggy 8.T.A Jingle 9.Keep That Same Old Feeling

Eighth Dimension 96.05.22 1.It's Not All Truth 2.Dear You 3.Daydream 4. Goodbye Girl 5.Kindness
6.Georgy Porgy 7.Stella 8.Into Your Heaven 9. Blue Moon
Ninth Dimension 97.03.17 1.Lazy Dog 2.Head Games 3.One and Three 4.I is 9th 5.Close to Your Heart 6.Jazz Cigarette 7.Don't You Worry 8.White of Blue 9.Brighter in Your Life 10.Yes or No?
TENTH DIMENSION 98.04.01 1.Q 2.Sun Beam 3.Harvest Moon 4.Cyber Adventure 5.Back for You 
6. M.S.F.B 7.Head Hunter 8.Asian Dream 9.Black Groove 10.Red Squeeze
11th DIMENSION "Key" 98.11.26 1.Magic One 2.Key 3.Someday 4.Alone In Love 5. Sun Dance 
6.Colour Of Days 7.Moment 8.I Don't Wanna Cry 9.Shadow Of A Memory
10.What's Rare?
12th DIMENSION "IF" 99.10.06 1.Doubile Market 2.Black StreetT 3.Collage of Water 4.Under the Word 5.IF 6.WALKIN' 7.World Order 8.mpressions from the Outside 9.Reflex 10.L-Motion 11.Wiggled Out
13th Dimension "Live Millennium" 00.03.24 1.DOUBLE MARKET 2.BLACK STREET 3.Se.le.ne 4. WALKIN' 5.One and Three 6.Yellow Sunshine 7.ONOZUKA SOLO 8.Black Groove 9.Colour Of Days 10.IF 11.MASUZAKI SOLO 12.IMPRESSIONS FROM THE OUTSIDE 13.Moment 14.KATSUTA SOLO 15.Are You Gonna Win? 16.Break Out 17. Yes or No
14th Dimension "Hearts" 00.10.25 1.Hearts 2.Stylish of Swing 3.After Glow 4.Mad about you 5.Far away 6.Nudistic 7.Change Over 8.Do you know me ? 9.Hand Out 10.Get with it 11.Confusion
15th Dimension "Into a new World" 01.10.24 1.C'min up 2.If I only knew  3.Into a new world 4.Forever 5.Seabird 6.Rise 7.When you're gone 8.Mosaique 9.Place

Melody -Waltz for Forest-

03.04.23 1.Everlasting Melody 2.Voice of the moon 3.Waltz for Forest 4.Remember of the days 5.Song of my heart 6.Indian Summer 7.CHINITA(dreams) 8. If featuring 4 P.M



04.21.01 1.lronside 2.Walking On The Moon 3.Respectacls 4.Dancer In The Light
5.Good-bye My Loneliness 6.Southside On Oneseventeens 7.Wonderful Tonight 8.Arthur's Theme (Best That You Can Do)"New York City Serenade" 9.Vanity Story 10.Historic Medley 11.So Far Away
IMPRESSIONS 06.11.16 1.IMPRESSIONS 2.Flyback 3.ENERGTIC 4.Circle Sky 5.The Sea Song
6.TIP TAP TOE 7.Predict the Future 8.Moon Avenue 9.Monologue 10.Snow Breath
My Rule 07.4.25 1.Never 2.Message From You 3.Cross Point/ 4.Travels In The Blue 5.Arise 6. My Rule 7. Lost In Language 8.Secret Walk 9.Raining In Your Heart 10.Intoxication

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